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Domain Registration offers identity to your business; the Domain Name is the URL address or the web site address which is owns you and your business to identify and differentiate from others. White Route Technologies is focused on Domain Registration service to take you in between the competitors' and to highlight your presence among them. Also we make you more comfortable for Domain registration.

Choose your own domain name and we will register it for you. You can own your domain, have 100% CONTROL now of your domain name - You get id and password for every domain registered with us. We offer any domain registration at very reasonable prices without any hidden costs or string attached.


Short for .commercial. Domain names with the .com extension are by far the most popular, and can be purchased by any individual or business.

.NET :

Short for .network, this domain extension was originally designed to be used by technical Web sites. However, domains using this extension can be registered by anyone.

.ORG :

Short for .organization. Originally designated for non-profit firms and any other organizations that did not fit under the .com or .net extension, any individual or business may now register a .org domain name.

.BIZ :

The .biz TLD is a designated suffix for businesses. Domains using the .biz extension must be used for business or commercial use.


The first unrestricted top-level domain since .com, .info domains are available to the general public.