Web Maintanance - White Route Technologies

So, you get bored with your website looks? Want to facelift it again? Need not to worry at all, we at White Route Technologies can easily change the entire look of your old website by changing the entire layout and adding real value by designing a unique concept oriented website and make it totally in a unique and different looks from your older websites. However, Website maintenance redevelopment needs a holistic approach to analyze the shortcoming with the present face and including freshness of products and services by keeping in mind the demographic audience.

We at, White Route Technologies has a special team of experts for web maintenance and redevelopment who use smart strategies to present your website in a new manner. Furthermore, we assure our clients of establishing an online presence that not only attracts users but also compels them to browse through their site. We accomplish this through a network of our highly professionals including consultants, computer programmers, marketers, developers and graphic designers which are working with us.

Web Site Maintenance Services that we provide:
  • Text re-writes and improvements
  • Maintenance and replacement of the website and web pages old content with the new content
  • Website maintenance of the broken links to the complete website
  • Product modifications and additions
  • Add or modify contents, photos, graphics and charts.
  • A Updates to calendar or events
  • Addition or modification of links within the website
  • Keeping the homepage fresh for return customers
  • Database updates - MySQL / MS White Route