Outsourced 24x7 IT NOC Support Services

We provide NOC (Proactive maintenance & monitoring) services exclusively dedicated to Managed IT support companies, that assist them in liberating their key personnel from routine tasks, reducing their operation cost and driving greater agility and ROI. We work closely with MSPs (Managed Service Providers) across the globe, to deliver holistic and quality IT consulting solutions.

Network Operations Centers are actually placed in central locations from where an organization supports its computer network and telecom infrastructure, detects and solves IT infrastructure incidents and ensures data center availability. Depending on the situation, they sometimes lie within or outside the data center. It is typically connected to a high-speed internet connection or to the internet backbone to provide as much bandwidth as possible.

Roles And Responsibilities Of our NOC Services

NOC technicians are categorized on the basis of levels depending on the severity of issues to be handled. Below are the roles and responsibilities to be performed by them:

Delivering Results

Our service catalog covers a wide range of operational support functions for proactively monitoring, detecting, and measuring service availability and performance across your infrastructure and its support operations.

Our multi-tier operational support structure enables managers to leverage the lower-cost first-level or Tier 1 team to perform routine activities, freeing up high-level technical teams to focus on more advanced support issues. By following an operational methodology that utilizes a tiered support structure in full alignment with the ITIL framework, our NOC can rapidly respond to incidents and events and continue to implement changes as needed, all under a more cost-effective service model.

  • No minimum devices, No Setup cost
  • True 24 by 7 alert monitoring and remediation.
  • Monthly payment, per device pricing.
  • Multi-level escalation support
  • Managing strict SLAs using our services
  • End-to-end solution to ensure everything is running smoothly
  • Dedicated NOC team and Account manager
  • Multi-point Quality control
  • Fully integrated White Label NOC services
  • Access to a wide range of skill sets
  • Increased profit margins and high cost-to-benefit ratio
  • Custom-made, need-based assistance
Up to 60%
Reduction in operational expenses

Under 2%
Alert escalation rate

First touch resolution